5. asylum-art:

    Surreal Photos Taken With An Old Film Camera by Oleg Oprisco

    Artist on Tumblr | deviantART| facebook | 500px

    The photographer Oleg Oprisco based in Ukraine, takes very beautiful and surrealistic pictures of fairy and dreamy women. The originality of his work is in the fact that he only uses oldschool cameras such as Kiev 6C and 88, and old films camera.

    © All images courtesy of the artist

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  7. asylum-art:

     Fashion Collages by Jenya Vyguzov

    Jenya Vyguzov’s a beyond-talented Russian artist who delicately and boldly uses nature and fashion to create digital masterpieces.


  8. applying to random jobs now. gave up on trying to find a “perfect job” for now. 


  9. jedavu:

    Trippy Dream-Like Time-Lapse of Burning Man

    Burning Man 2014 is beginning right now in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert. We’d heard that the festival had grown exponentially in recent years, but we had no clue it was this insane.
    Vimeo user Roy Two Thousand has compiled a bunch of incredible time-lapse footage from last year’s festival that you have to see to believe.


  10. photojojo:

    Today is national dog day, and GoPro is celebrating with a product launch that’s going to take your pup’s creativity to the next level.

    The Fetch is an innovative dog harness that includes a mount for your GoPro, allowing your precious pug to capture some sweet shots of his own.

    GoPro Introduces Camera Harness For Your Dog

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