1. asylum-art:

    Photography by Ibai Acevedo


  2. photojojo:

    Growing up in places like Papua New Guinea and rural Australia, photographer Leila Jeffreys has always been surrounded by wildlife, with a particular interest in birds.

    For the past few years, Leila documented the birds of prey in Australia with a medium format camera, giving her photos this stunning level of detail.

    Documenting Australia’s Magnificent Birds of Prey

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  3. guardian:

    These dramatic photos come from California, where firefighters are currently battling an out-of-control wildfire in the Sierra Nevada mountains. By Wednesday, it had spread through 111 square miles and was threatening more than 2,000 homes.

    Photographs: Noah Berger/Reuters



  5. mademoisellearielle:

    Old Cannery Door in Port Townsend, Washington

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  6. asylum-art:


     Shae DeTar

    Shae’s photographic practice uses painted photography, a technique employed to
     add colour to photographs before colour processing was invented. 
    In a world where images can be digitally manipulated, finding a photographer’s 
    practice that explores alternative methods is rare and really refreshing. Her painted 
    photographs seem mythical, situating models in an eerie and beautiful wilderness.

    Such an amazing artist!


  7. asylum-art:

    Anja Niemi: Do Not Disturb

    Anja Niemi is a talented fine art photographer. Born in Norway in 1976, Niemi studied at the London College of Printing, and Parsons School of Design. She shoot a lot of self-portrait photography.

    This intriguing series by Norwegian photographer Anja Niemi is a self-portrait project entitled Do Not Disturb. To create each scene, the artist sought out various hotel rooms, checked in, put up the “do not disturb” sign, and used the settings as her backdrops. She hauled a suitcase filled with clothing and wigs along with her and, through what Niemi calls protective layers of disguise, she began to create different characters for each story.

    She says, “I got the idea for the hotel rooms after reading an article on 1950s housewives in Norway getting a paid housewife vacation from the government. I thought that is exactly what I need, but as this arrangement no longer existed I decided to create it for myself.”

    As viewers observe the artist posed in various ways, the flawless compositions begin to reveal troubled narratives filled with private conflicts and emotions. Viewers will quickly begin to feel the awkward uncertainty that comes along with peering in on a scene that isn’t meant for public examination. Niemi leaves it up to us to decide what happened and what might happen next. “The stories are personal but once the images are done it’s no longer just about me, and the viewer can take it wherever they like,” Niemi explains.

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  8. imshootingfilm:

    Isle of Arran, Scotland by ShimmeringGrains.com on Flickr.

    Hasselblad 503CX + LEE filters
    Fuji Velvia 50
    Tetenal Colortec E6 developed at home