1. Got a Pixies pick at the end of the show tonight courtesy of my gf.


  2. blissfully-chic:

    Juliana Schurig in “Underglow” for Vogue Japan, October 2014

    Photographed by: David Slijper 

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  3. asylum-art:

    Adrian Limani: Life Encased in Magical Light Bulbs

    Artist on Tumblr | 500px | Facebook

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  9. asylum-art:

    Dreamy photos with a story by Robby Cavanaugh

    Artist onTumblr |Facebook |500px |on deviantART |Instagram |Flickr

    The artist I want to introduce you to today, Robby Cavanaugh, isn’t only good with a camera, he also has a way with words. A snippet from a statement considering his work on his website:

    “I edit my photographs to closely match the images in my mind, creating specific tones that match the feelings I wish to imbue in the viewer. My work requires intense planning and problem solving, but no matter how impossible a concept may seem, I never let it limit my ability to express the story I need to tell.”

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